Religious Bust Statues and Sculptures

Unique sculptures evoke a sense of wonder, allowing us to view objects that we never thought we would ever see. Drawing on fantastic ideas, eschewing realism, and building on abstraction, religious bust statues captivate our imagination. Whether it's a beautifully carved bust of the Virgin Mary, an austere carving of a saint, or another worldly angelic figure, each religious bust sculpture display majestic grandeur. Artficial clone is a unique interior design piece that is the perfect centrepiece for anyroom in your house.

What is a Religious Bust Statue?

A bust statue Catholic religious sculptures is a sculpture depicting a subject from the collar bone to the top of the head. Religious busts fit into two categories: Christian sculptures and Catholic religious sculptures. Each religious bust statue highlights a purity of form and majestic style. Showcasing great emotional range, and beautiful snapshots of religious figures from the past, Artficial clones make a unique sculpture for home décor.

What is Artficial?

Artficial is a lifestyle that combines the best of ancient and modern artwork, with the cutting edge of 3d printing technology.   Using a collection of state-of-the-art 3d printer, each Artficial clone is created using a precise printing process involving the use of eco-friendly material to encapsulate the essence of the original piece. Through the use of an eco-friendly and waste-free manufacturing process, Artficial believes in the democratic ideals of art by making the great masterpieces easily accessible to the average person. 

What is an Artficial Clone?

An Artficial clone encapsulates all of the essence of an original masterpiece. They do this through the use of 3d mapping technology, that captures every unique curvature, flowing lines, and dimple, giving you a thorough reproduction that only differs in one way from the original: colour.  Each Artficial bust is created through the use of a 3D printer from light weight, durable materials, which come in a variety stylish colour.  Weighing three thousand times less than the original marble statures, you won't need to worry about your Artficial clone scratching your furniture.