Baroque Bust Statues and Sculptures

Baroque busts highlight exceptional emotions and movement, almost perfectly mimicking a flesh-and-blood human being's face. Painstakingly carved, each bust was made to highlight the life and character of great men and women in a dramatic fashion. Bust sculptures are ancient snapshots of what the ideal person of the time period looked like. Although some busts in the Baroque period were of living people, many were of people long dead, who were recast in a Renaissance light, some even with clothes and hairstyles of that time period.

What is Baroque Art?

The term Baroque is derived from the Portuguese term for a "pearl of irregular shape." Baroque style is a visually and emotionally appealing style of art which came about as a direct reaction of the Protestant Reformation. At the Council of Trent (1545-63 CE.),the Catholic Church set out a series of expectations for religious art. Religious sculptures were to be highly emotive, in dramatic fashion, and propagating core character and spiritual beliefs in order to teach illiterate people the values of the church. As a result, Baroque busts were exceptionally realistic, striving to give the viewer the real feelings of the man or woman carved into the marble.

What is Artficial?

Artficial is a cutting edge company of trailblazers who aim to make Baroque sculptures easily accesible to the average household. In a process that involves the utmost respect for the art itself, 3d scanners map the surface of the artwork. After hundreds of hours, in a waste-free environment, each Artficial clone is packaged up and sent directly to your doorstep.

What is an Artficial Clone?

Artficial clones are a fusion of the past with the future.  Highlighting the stunning beauty and majesty of the original sculpture, while bringing in innovation on the cutting-edge of 3d printing, each bust is made from an eco-friendly material which is thousands of times lighter than the original marble. The benefits of this process is a stylish product with a low carbon footprint and reasonably priced for any art enthusiast.